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                                                                                 FEATURE FILMS

THOU SHALT KILL - Director, Producer (Thriller ) 2024

Produced by: Scars of the Mind Picture Company

Starring: Vince Lozano, Augie Duke

BROTHERS BROKEN: The Story That Stopped the Music - Director, Producer  (Documentary in Production.)

Produced by: Scars of the Mind Picture Company


ACTS OF DESPERATION - Director, Producer   (Thriller - Worldwide Release)

Produced by: Scars of the Mind Picture Company / Distributed by: Gravitas Ventures

Starring: Paul Sorvino, Jason Gedrick


CHRISTMAS CRIME STORY - Director, Producer   (Thriller - Currently in Worldwide Release)

Produced by: Scars of the Mind Picture Company / Distributed by: Gravitas Ventures

Starring: Adrian Paul, Eric Close, Mary Margaret Humes


HALFWAY TO HELL  - Director, Producer   (Thriller)

Produced by:  The Scourge, LLC / Distributed by: Glass House


5th & ALAMEDA  -  Director, Producer   (Thriller)

Produced by:  4th & Alameda, LLC / Distributed by: Maverick Entertainment

Starring: Corey Sevier, Mario Van Peebles


BORN  -  Director, Producer   (Psychological Horror)

Produced by:  Devil’s Child Picture Picture Company, LLC  / Distributed by: Lionsgate

Starring: Alison Brie, Denise Crosby, Joan Severance, Kane Hodder, Eddie Velez


FOREVER TOGETHER  -  Director   (Family)

Prod.: Joel Zwick, Larry Gershman   Starring: Diane Ladd, Kaley Cuoco, Ralph Macchio, Rachel Ticotin, Garry Marshall, Michelle Trachtenberg


DARKWOLF  -  Director, Producer   (Horror Thriller)

Produced and Distributed by: Twentieth Century Fox   Starring:  Samaire Armstrong, Tippi Hedren, Steven Williams, Kane Hodder, Alexis Cruz


REDEMPTION OF THE GHOST  -  Director   (Family)

Produced by: Campbell / Masoner Prods.  /  Distributed by: Echo Bridge Ent.  Starring: John Savage, Diane Ladd, Alexandra Paul, Rachel Hunter, Patrick Laborteaux


GROUND ZERO  -  Director, Producer, Writer   (Action Thriller)

Produced by: Porchlight Ent.   Starring: Jack Scalia, Janet Gunn, Reginald Veljohnson


STREET KNIGHT  -  Writer, Producer   (Action Thriller)

Produced by: Cannon Films  /  Exec. Prod.: Mark DiSalle

Starring: Jeff Speakman   


DEATHMASK  -  Director, Producer, Writer   (Thriller)

Produced by: Art Theatre Guild  /  Exec. Prod.: Lou Sher  Starring: Danny Aiello, Farley Granger, Ruth Warrick   


PHANTOM OF THE MALL  -  Director   (Horror Thriller)

Produced by: Fries Ent.  /  Exec. Prod.: Chuck Fries  Starring: Pauli Shore, Rob Estes, Morgan Fairchild, Kari Whitman   


SCARED STIFF  -  Director, Writer   (Ghost Story)

Produced by: The Freemont Group  /  Exec. Prod.: Dan Bacaner   Starring: Andrew Stevens, Mary Page Keller   


DOOM ASYLUM  -  Director   (Comedy)

Produced by: Films Around the World  /  Exec. Prod.: Steve Menken  Starring: Kristin Davis, Patti Mullen, Ruth Collins   


MONDO NEW YORK  -  Editor   (Offbeat Docudrama)

Produced by: Paramount Pict.  /  Exec. Prod.: Stuart Shapiro   



                                                                   MOVIES FOR TELEVISION  


“SHADOW OF A STRANGER”  -  Director, Writer                             

Produced by: NBC / NBC Prods.  /  Prod.: Doris Keating   Starring: Joan Chen,    


“IN THE SHADOWS: SOMEONE’S WATCHING”  -  Director            

Produced by: NBC /  Exec. Prod.: Arvin Kaufman, Ronnie Hadar   Starring: Chris Noth, Daniel J. Travanti, Rick Springfield    


“AWAKE TO DANGER”  -  Producer                                                  

Produced by: NBC / NBC Prods.   Starring: Tori Spelling, Michael Gross, John Getz     





THE BOGEYMAN  -  Executive Producer   (One hour dramatic series)

NBC TV / Produced by: Universal TV / Flame Ent. / Lucky Butterfly Prods.  Exec. Prod.: Tony Krantz, Richard Friedman, Eric Jendreson



Produced by: Warner Bros. TV  /  Exec. Prod.: Brad Buckner  Starring: Dean Cane, Terri Hatcher   


BAYWATCH NIGHTS  -  Director   (Multiples)

Produced By: All American TV  /  Exec. Prod: David Hasselhoff, Maurice Hurley  Starring: David Hasselhoff, Angie Harmon  


SILK STALKINGS  -  Director   (Multiples)

Produced by: Stu Segall Prod. & Stephen Cannell Ent.  / Starring: Rob Estes, Mitzi Kapture,


FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES  -  Director   (Multiples)

Produced by: Paramount Television  /  Exec. Prod.: Frank Mancuso Jr.


TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE  -  Director   (Multiples)

Produced by: Laurel Ent.  /  Exec. Prod.: Richard Rubinstein, David Vogel, Mitch Gallin

Guest Stars include: Jean Marsh, Adolph Caesar, Paul Dooley, Linda Thorson


MONSTERS  -  Director   (Multiples)

Produced by: Laurel Ent.  /  Exec Prod.: Richard Rubinstein, Mitch Gallin


THE STREET  -  Director   (Multiples)

Produced by: Universal TV  /   Exec. Prod.: John Mankiewicz, Bob Pittman  Starring:  Stanley Tucci, Michael Beach


LOVE WITH A TWIST  -  Director   (1 hr ABC Prime-Time Special)

Produced by: ABC TV / Reeves Ent.  /  Exec. Prod.: Woody Fraser, Ernie Chambers  


SCANDALS II  -  Director   (1 hr ABC Prime-Time Special)

Produced by: ABC TV / Exec. Prod.: Loreen Arbus, Meredith McCrae



                                                         MUSIC VIDEO


“YOU’RE ONLY HUMAN”    Artist: BILLY JOEL   /  CBS Records   -  Director

“MY, MY, MY”     Artist: JOHNNY GILL  /  Motown Records  -  Director



(Additional list of Music Videos upon request)





NYU GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF FILM - (MFA)  Master of Fine Arts Degree  (3 yr) - Film Directing

BROOKLYN COLLEGE - (BS) Bachelor of Science



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